Thursday, May 3, 2012

No Such Thing as a Bad Egg

I have  never heard of such a thing as National Egg Month. And I'm going to go ahead and speak for most of you and say I'm probably not the only one. But apparently it does exist. And...May is it!  So, in honor of this, my most favorite food of foods (I eat eggs at least twice a day. 3 times on a really good day. True story.) I thought I would show some love for some of my favorite egg dishes from around well as a few others worth noting.  

Sadly my two very favorite Nashville egg dishes that I eat religiously I (ironically) don't have photos of.  Not sure the reasoning behind this but it probably has something to do with me cleaning my plate before I even think to document it.  Guess I will just have to eat them both again soon and save them for a later post.  
I mean, if I must...

So, here we go... 

My always favorite way to eat an egg--the omelette.  Filled with just about anything. This is from brunch at Marche on the East Side (mushroom, I believe). So, so good.  And I love it with a light side salad and of course some hashbrown potatoes. 

Frittata from Margot Cafe (also on the East Side) topped with hashbrowns. This was actually my first frittata ever--I always, always go with the omelette--and it ended up sparking a bit of a craze for me.  I now make them at home regularly.  They are so easy to make and I love that you can put pretty much anything in them and they always turn out great. 

Here is one of mine.  Not nearly as good as Margot's, but it does the trick. I put pretty much any fresh veggie and cheese I have in them.  Most always with a balsamic salad.  Love the combination of tastes.  And it is so light.  Definitely one of my steady go-to's.  

This one I filled with portobello mushrooms, roma tomatoes, and onions. I will do a post later about how I make my frittata.  So simple.  

Eggs for dinner?! Oh yes.  Did you know The Frothy Monkey on 12th Avenue South started doing dinners a few months ago?  I really want to dedicate an entire post to this since it's probably in my top 5 (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) spots, but for now I will just say that if you haven't been yet, definitely try it.  Soon.  This is my usual--the steak and eggs.  Brisket, sauteed spinach, two fried eggs, and underneath that pile of amazingness is...wait for it....sweet potato bread pudding.  One thing I will say now is that The Frothy Monkey can seriously mash up some flavors.  A bite of each together is, in one word, incredible.  And the prices are so, so reasonable.  But...more Frothy in a later post....

That's just a small sampling of my Nashville egg-loving.

Many, many more to come...

I simply can not complete this post without giving props to these other favorite EGG dishes of mine...

One of my homemade omelettes.  Also a regular in my house.  This one is filled with mushrooms and goat cheese.  With yukon gold hashbrowns and the 2nd best thing on the planet--bacon

My mom's fried eggs.  Best. ever. 

And in the heart of my home state, there is a tiny hole in the wall restaurant in Centerville called Twix 'n Tween (yeah it's really named that) and although it's pretty unbelievable to say...this is home to my most favorite omelette in the entire world.  Scout's honor.  It is about a 30 minute drive from my home, but we go there so much (just for the omelette) that they know us by name.   

I give's best egg dish...  

I always, always get the western with hashbrowns, bacon, and grits.  You just can't beat it.

Eat. More. Eggs.  


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