Saturday, May 12, 2012

Burgers, Bratwurst, and Billiards

Last night The Walter's (one of my most favorite duos) and I made it over to East Nashville for dinner and drinks at The Pharmacy.  I've wanted to eat here for a while now because almost anytime anyone brings up good burgers in Nashville this is always brought in the mix. And since I am always down for a really good was only a matter of time.  

I have to say after last night's venture, this is definitely one of my new top spots.  The atmosphere, food, beer selection, price range--it's one of the best, for sure.  It's considered a biergarten--which I was unaware of until last night--so the interior was very German--dark wood panels with contrasting white walls--with an old school milkshake parlor feel, as well.  There is a wrap around bar in the back of the restaurant where the bartenders are serving beer and making milkshakes--next trip I'm trying one.  That's a certainty.

There is a patio that opens to a huge lawn with large tables where almost everyone is drinking from liter-sized beer mugs.  On a perfect night like last night, sitting outside in the biergarten with a great beer and friends is as close to my heaven as I can get on a Friday evening.  

I'd love to be able to tell you the exact name of this beer but for some reason...I can't imagine why...not one of us can remember it.  We did manage to pull together Tangerine Wheat though--which I thought was pretty impressive.  It was really light--a great outdoor-warm-night-beer.  

Emily had been one time before and on the ride over told me about The Farm Burger she had last has the patty. That's all I heard and I was sold. I intended to order that, but after seeing The Stroganoff Burger on the menu, I changed my mind.  If not for any reason other than absolute curiosity.  It is a...stroganoff....burger.  Had to try it.  Had to.  

Clearly it was unreal.  It tasted exactly how you would expect, too--stroganoff on a burger.  Simple enough description. But that is really how I would explain it.  Oh yeah, and tots dipped in the dripped sauce.  Yep.  I did that.  And it was so, so good. 

Emily decided to try the right side of the menu (the bratwurst) and went for a The Currywurst this time.  She liked it, but she had burger envy.  But, hey...gotta try it at least once, right?  

Kevin's The Mission Burger.  

I didn't try it, but it looked pretty tasty.  Guac and black beans on a burger.  Done and done.  He said it was fantastic.  

Love this photo Kevin took of me and Emily...

Hm...what to do after ? Naturally head to Melrose Billiards for some pool.  

One of my favorite spots.    

Gotta love a good Nashville Friday night...


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  1. Yumm..a Stroganoff Hamburger! Yep, add that to my list...but I want one of those milkshakes too!