Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jessica Lea Mayfield at The High Watt

I have a few {what I call} music twins in this world.  Someone who not only shares my same taste in music but can hear something and know immediately whether or not I will love it--one is one of my oldest and dearest friends who has lived (too far away) in New York for almost a decade now.  I take most music suggestions given to me , but he is one of those that when he says, "check this band/musician out!" I know to do it.  ASAP.  It will likely turn out to be one of my longtime faves. 

He heard Jessica Lea Mayfield open for someone a few years back and called me immediately because he knew I would love her.  A no-brainer considering she is incredible. But he was right.  She's been one of my favorites ever since hearing her album, With Blasphemy So Heartfelt.  You can check out this album as well as her newest here on iTunes.  

I love her not only because of her music--she has a really beautiful, unique sound--this really great simplistic rock ballad style with a folky undertone.  And the girl has one hell of a voice--just smooth.  There is nothing demanding about her music or voice.  It is just easy.  But even more so because her persona is this perfect blend of cherubic kitten (weirdest term I've ever come up with in my life--but I swear it works for her)  meets...trouble.  I just like it.  A lot.  

Of course I was in my usual front row spot.  Have to.  Really...there's no other way to do it, IMO. Allowed for some great shots...

Ah. I love her.  Text to my friend in NY after the show read, "Holy girl crush. She's incredible." 

The opener, Nashville based BirdcloudA couple of rough-and-tough cursing, mud-slinging mountain chicks.  Extremely entertaining. Something tells me they'd get along real well with my girls, The Coathangers.  

The High Watt pre-show. 

The guy standing next to me during the show was actually more excited about seeing David Mayfield in the audience.  Jessica's brother who he was a huge fan of and thought he'd probably join her on stage.  They sang the two encore songs together.   The last was a gospel-folk song which was amaze.

Just did a little reading up on him...he is a Nashville based musician.  Toured as her bassist for a bit and has also played with The Avett Bros.  Gotta love an uber talented family. 

Side note: check out The High Watt if you haven't already.  It is in the warehouse where Mercy Lounge and Cannery Ballroom are.  I have seen a few bands there now and really like it.  Same feel as Mercy, but smaller.  Great little venue. 

Gotta love finding a random guitar pick laying on a Nashville stage.  Now I am plagued forever to wonder who it belonged to... 

Jessica were a great note to get this blog rolling on.  You are bewitching Come back to Nashville soon.

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