Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First things first...

Hello world!  Welcome to my new labor of love, The Decadent Mess!  I will tell you all about why I am starting this new venture...but before beginning, I think it appropriate to introduce myself....

My name is Melissa.  

Here is a stellar photo of myself.   

Ok stellar may be a strong word but it's still pretty good representation. That's obviously me on the right (with my mouth in it's usual position).  That, naturally, is Paul Revere on the left and that's his hat (I'm sure there is some great technical term for this, but I'm going with hat in place of research) that I'm wearing.  This was taken during one of my very favorite trips to Boston this past March. 

Maybe a better photo....

Also taken during that Boston trip.  

I was born and raised in Selma, AL.   
(Sorry.  Couldn't resist.)

Since Selma, I have lived in Tuscaloosa, New York City, Atlanta, and finally...Nashville--where I plan to stay.  Forever.  

I have lived in Nashville now, for almost 3 years.  I live in Hillsboro Village but have also adopted Belmont and 12th Ave South as my neighborhoods as well. They are walkable from my place...and some of my favorite spots in this city are in these neighborhoods.

I do love Nashville.  The vibe, the people, the scene, and the ever-growing culture.  To me, it is perfection.  Or maybe I should say it is the city I see best suited for me.  Not only now...but for the future.  I don't see myself ever leaving this town.  There is just something about it.  It just feels right 

I will spare the many, many photos I could include that I have taken of this city because there will be plenty of time for that in future posts.  That is, after all, what this blog is about.  

So why The Decadent Mess you ask?!

That's pretty easy, actually.  If you know me, then you most likely get it.  But for those of you who don't, allow me to explain.  

I can sum this up with many anecdotes, but let's start with this one.  I am a Clothing Designer.  Here is the final look from my runway show at Nashville Fashion Week last year. 
I design women's evening wear, but you will likely find me in jeans and flip flops most days of the week.  I am the girl that likes to start the night with an Old Fashioned at The Patterson House and end it at Melrose Billiards or The Villager.   For those of you who do not live in Nashville or if you live here and still need further explanation, the last two are the diviest of dive bars.  And this girl loves a dive bar just as much as her tailored Old Fashioned in a refined speakeasy.  

Darts at The Villager. 

To be honest, I think this sums up Nashville as a whole, actually--not just myself.  So The Decadent Mess refers to not only myself...but the city as well. The city with the perfect blend of the refined and the raw.  

Oh, and speaking of that Old Fashioned...

Had one last Thursday. It is some kind of good.   

Other things worth noting...

One of the main reasons I love this city.  You guessed it.  It's in the name.  Or the title rather.   

Music City.   

My greatest influence...music.  It is one of the main reasons I wanted to start this blog.  Because it is EVERYWHERE.  And I don't just mean playing over the speakers in your favorite bar.  I'm talking some of the greatest musicians in.the.world playing LIVE at 12th South Taproom on a Monday night.  Robert's Western World...almost any day of the week.  It's insanity to me.  I never grow immune to this and I most likely never will.  

Tonight, in fact, I get to see one of my favorites, Jessica Lea Mayfield, at the new venue, The High Watt above Cannery Ballroom.  Fitting that one of my first blog posts will be about seeing a favorite musician for the first time.  Post to follow...very excited.  If you haven't heard her music before, do it.  Now. She is an incredible song writer and not to mention, one heck of a voice.  


Bon Iver at The Ryman last year.  

 Atlanta based, Gringo Star at The End in January.

Also, I should note...

I like to eat. A LOT. 

That is where the 2nd most important reason for this blog comes in because luckily for me, there are some pretty excellent places that fill this indulgence of mine just fine.  

Items/spots worth mentioning right off the bat...

The Brown's Diner burger.  Yes. It is that good.  Like the best bar burger on the planet good.  Only complaint?  It's pretty difficult to stop at 1.  Just warning you.  

Loveless, loveless, loveless.  Cafe, that is.  I doubt (and certainly hope) this is not the first time you have heard this.  In fact, I hope you have eaten there at least a dozen times.  But if not, the country fried steak.  And mashed potatoes and gravy.  And greens.  And fried okra.  Feels like I'm forgetting something...THE BISCUITS.  And jam.  And that coffee is not too shabby either.  Do it.  All of it.  Often.  That is all. 

**side note:  one of my favorite things about Loveless? The drive there.  Hwy 100.  Absolutely beautiful and one of my favorite drives in Nashville.   

Blog, blog, blog...my favorite spots along with my favorite dishes from them. Best burgers in town.  Hot chicken.  Mac and Cheese. Dogs.  Let's do this. I pretty much already have. Don't worry, I started documenting my eats long before this blog was even considered.  But that will all come later.

Alright, introduction over...time to stop.  For now.  

Until next time...







  1. The words you write jump off the page with enthusiasm, humor and joy combined with the love for fashion, music, food and a fun city! Who can resist? I'll be checking on you weekly.

  2. Wonderful and fun! Can't wait to see where else you take us on your journey! I especially want the burger next visit!

  3. Love it! And I think I was with you the first time you hit up the Villager. it is the diviest!