Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Slice of Alabama/Part 1: The Agenda.

Before beginning my new job yesterday (details to come!), I had a week free so I took advantage by spending some time home in Alabama.  By re-joining the real world (thankfully), I know that I most likely won't be going home for an extended amount of time for a while and wanted to be sure to make the most of it.

So I went armed with an agenda that looked something like this...

1) Eat whatever I d*** well pleased without a moment's thought by indulging in some of my favorite Alabama meals--basically fattening myself up before pressing re-start on my (much neglected) healthy regiment.  

2) Explore. 

3) Relax (something that has been impossible to do during the job hunt). 

I just followed this guy's lead...

4) Spend time with great old friends.

And, of course...

5) Get in as much time as possible with my parents and "The Gabester."

**that is definitely enough pictures of myself for now...and maybe the most you will ever find on this blog. 

All was accomplished.  And then some. 

I arrived back in Nashville happily recharged, a few (blissful) pounds heavier, sore from laughter and puppy pounces, and most important of all...excited and ready to start this new chapter of mine.  

And so this is what the next few posts will be about...sharing some of my most favorite things in the little slice of Alabama and some of the many reasons I love going home so much.  

Stay tuned...and Enjoy!!

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