Monday, June 11, 2012


Yesterday my friend Courtney and I went for a walk in my neighborhood then wanted to grab a (laid back) bite--since we were in our mean work out clothes.  We were both in the mood for some home-style cooking--maybe a meat and 3--and didn't want to make the drive to Loveless knowing we'd probably be waiting a very long time with it being CMA fest weekend.  We made the trek around the area only to discover that most all of these are closed on Sundays.  Somehow this has escaped my attention until now.  

Our last (sad) attempt was McCabe's Pub (in Sylvan Park) which was also closed, so we gave up on our meat and 3 dream and decided to stay in the area and try something new.  People were sitting on the Neighbor's patio eating and since neither of us had ever tried it, so we decided to go there.  

I've only been there for drinks.  To tell the truth, I didn't even know they had a food menu...or hadn't thought about it until then, anyway.  Turns out, they do--BBQ.  It's a small, but good bar food meets BBQ joint menu. 

I got the stuffed baked potato appetizer and added the pulled pork for a little extra.  

Baked potato.  Pulled pork.  Melted mixed cheeses.  Chopped bacon.  Chives.  Sides of sour cream, butter, and BBQ sauce. Yeah. That's about as messy and good as it gets.  

There wasn't even a shred of cheese or sliver of potato skin left when I was through with it. You would've thought I was in some sort of eating contest. 

Courtney got the brisket sandwich and potato salad.  

She said both were really great.  I would have asked her more about hers, but I was too busy with the devouring to pay much attention to another plate. True story. I do remember a slightly ecstatic statement about buttered bread.  But that' I got.   

All in all, a pretty excellent way to completely negate a work out. Gladly. And perfect atmosphere to sit with a great friend who is moving far away and talk for hours before saying (a regretful) goodbye. 

Tasty. Messy. Oh so good.  

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  1. It WAS good brisket. And they DID butter the bread. Good stuff! Love you! Good "last" meal.