Sunday, June 10, 2012

a bold statement.

I try to steer clear of bold statements.  You will never, ever hear me say that Radiohead is the best band in the world or that my dog is the cutest dog that has ever lived or anything in that realm.  No.  I stay away from those kinds of matter of facts.  

Somewhere those who know me best are rolling their eyes and laughing while reading this.  

Ok, ok so maybe learning how to form an opinion has never really been an issue for me...but this REALLY is the truth. This can certainly spark a debate, but I do believe Friday night I had the best burger in town....or rather, the best burger I have had so far.  That's diplomatic enough, right? 

The Pharmacy's Farm Burger.

Tennessee beef, Tripp country ham, Emerald Glen farm bacon, Willow farm egg, and maple mustard.  Obviously with that list of characters, you can't go wrong.  But honestly, it is "the perfect bite" seeker's dream.  I understand there is a sense of bias on my end considering I eat bacon and eggs every single day (true story), but if you eat a lot of bacon you know there are many different types.  This is the perfect bacon and ham to compliment the beef and the other additions--including those great doughy buns.  All in all, this is officially a new usual of mine.  

Try it. Now. If you love bacon (and, in turn, have a soul) you will love it, too. Unless you are a veggie...then you get a pass. 

Oh, and those fries are worth mentioning as well. 

And don't forget the brew.  In this case, the Jackalope--I can't imagine why, but none of us can remember the name--but to quote my friend Brent, "It's a seasonal variety, 50% wheat, with a citrus(y) finish. Very similar to a Blue Moon with a bit more kick, but I can't remember the name to save my life."  His solution, "Guess we'll have to go back..."  

I mean, I guess if we have to, we have to...right?!

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  1. Ohhh I had this SAME burger a couple weeks ago with the sweet potato fries. It was amazing!! I got it without the ham because I was frightened by so much meat in one bite but now I must go back and try it as it was intended to be eaten.